How to use TAB Street

How to use TAB Street:

SEARCH KEYWORD Substitute in the examples your allergy or gluten free needs

  • Enter in your allergy or allergies in the following formats, for example if you are allergic to soy you would simply enter in soy in the field
    • if you have multiple allergies to enter simply enter in, soy peanut egg (to get better results only enter your allergy, do not include the word free)
    • for example of if you enter in, egg free menu in Orlando, in the SEARCH KEYWORD the results maybe slim or nothing at all for that you would simply enter in, egg Orlando.
  • Enter is a specific city if you wish and your allergy for example, egg Orlando, or if you have multiple allergies, soy peanut Olando
  • City – simply enter in the city, on some occasions states have the same city names so you may have to use LOCATION to narrow down the search results
  • Gluten Free can be used as well to narrow down the results

CATEGORY Category can be used to find all of a specific category within a state:

  • For example, if you want to search for ‘allergy free information’ and LOCATION by choosing a state, it will bring up all the ‘allergy free information’ for that state that has been entered
  • ALLERGY FREE INFORMATION – will bring up all the listings for allergy free information
  • ALLERGY/GLUTEN FREE INFORMATION – will bring up all listings that have both allergy free restaurants and gluten free restaurant listings
  • BAKERY – will bring up all allergy free and gluten free bakeries that have been entered
  • BAR – will show listings that have a bar available
  • CAKES – shows restaurants that have options for gluten free and allergy free baked goods
  • CHANGED WEBSITE – will show if a restaurant or hotel that has been entered that previously showed allergy free and gluten free information that no longer has the information on the website (will be faded out)
  • FAST FOOD – shows restaurants with fast food
  • ICE CREAM – shows listing that have allergy free and gluten free information
  • INFORMATION – for Disney properties that have an established method for allergy free and gluten free options
  • PIZZERIAS – for pizzerias
    • HOTELS, MOTELS and LODGING – that have dedicated rooms or work with and accommodate allergy free and gluten free, such as a PURE ROOM

LOCATION For location you can simply choose your state or the state for your favorite vacation spot and it will pull up all the categories entered to date for that state.  You do have several options for location:

  • Allergy entered into SEARCH KEYWORD and choose the state in  LOCATION and all listings for your choice will appear
  • Gluten Free entered into SEARCH KEYWORD and chose the state in LOCATION and all listings for your choice will appear
  • Choose CATEGORY and chose the state in LOCATION and all listings for your choice will appear

RADIUS Radius will only work if you give the website the option to know your location

  • You can choose up to 150 miles around you for your choice from the other options
  • Or for example, if you are in a new city and you need to know some place to eat around you, you can simply choose the mileage in RADIUS and it will show the options
  • RADIUS will work at home or even traveling down the highway to your favorite vacation spot


  • The above information is only a brief overview of the combinations that one can use in the SEARCH BAR
  • If RADIUS does not work that means that you haven’t granted the website access to your device location (we do not provide support to troubleshoot the feature – you can search for help on the respective browser that you are using)
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