Focus on Food

Focus on Food

Focus on Food – if you have the patience with this site, and don’t mind things changing, places will be added more and more so that when you walk out the door or travel in your car you can find multiple places that have food allergy or gluten-free items/information on their websites.

If you have read “What’s it all about” you will see that this site will be growing in stages.  Having being taught that if the site waited until it was perfect until people get to use it, well that would be a long wait.  What would be the magic number for release 1000, 2000 or even 10000, the decision was made to go with what we have now.  Plus, we get to see at the same time if there is a response to what we have in here.  If people were finding the site useful then the decision would be made to go for crowdfunding to hire people to enter in more sites so that the list could grow quicker, right now there is only ONE person entering in the information.   Plus, that one person, needs to work other jobs to have the money coming in…

Focus on the food – with help in finding it along the way around the corner or down the highway, big city or small.

So if you like the idea and want to see more, you can write to keepitcoming

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