Geolocation and food?

Geolocation and food?

First, what is geolocation?  Geolocation is the wireless detection of the physical location of a remote device and in this case it could be your phone, or another device from where ever you are, in your house or traveling to your favorite vacation spot. As a noun, geolocation refers to the physical location itself; as a verb, the term refers to the process of detecting that location, this could be that you reached your favorite spot and you are hungry and looking for something to eat so it geolocates.  (If you are not a fan of geolocation, you can always search for the state that you are in or going too!) For any device to geolocate, one needs to give the website permission to see the location of your device.

So, TAB Street, can help you find something to eat within 100 miles of your location. You can set the radius/miles that you are interested in.  A coming feature will allow you to get to directions to your chosen place to eat after you decide.

Imagine you are at a brand new location that you decided to try out for the weekend and you don’t know the area.  You are seriously hungry and you want to find something to eat, really soon.  You don’t want to just try any restaurant and cross your fingers to see if they will accommodate your needs.  Plus, you want the place that you want to eat really close by you don’t want to be driving any distance to find something.  Pull out your phone or even your PC/laptop and go to T.A.B. Street, allow the site to get your location, and you will have your options available.

The listings will have what they offer as to gluten free, allergy information or sometimes even both.  If you need answers quickly before you go, the phone numbers are there, just push/tap to call if you are on your phone doing the geolocating.

Of course you don’t have to wait until you have arrived at your destination, it works on the road as well. Geolocation to find food, always a good thing!