Different Colors?

Different Colors?

Different Colors? Imagine pulling out your phone and being able to geolocate from anywhere you are a ‪‎allergy‬ or ‪gluten free eating place that handles either one of your needs or both – up to 100 miles – just imagine the possibilities when you are on the road traveling to your favorite vacation spot.  Each eating place has been verified to have the color listing attached to it..

The light blue color below is allergy information places to eat..
The pink color has both gluten free and allergy information ..
The purple color is only gluten free place to eat..
The green color and the hotel symbol is for hotels with PURE ROOMS..

Each one was verified at the time of entering in the system to have what the color indicates. The site will begin beta testing in July and will go through phases of growth – in the future we will also places to eat that are willing to accommodate for special items as well.

Check us out to see when we open it up for testing.. right now there are a over 1000 places listed on the site across the US.. we also plan to do this with other countries as well..

So restaurants if you have a gluten free menu or allergy guide and want to be listed for free with the basic information then reach out to us.. info@tabstreet.com- if you are willing to accommodate.. reach out to the same email as well!

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